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Dengyo Logo

BTS Antenna

DENGYO, headquartered in Japan, who is the producer of base station antennas and filters of GSM, CDMA, LTE, 5G systems.


Private 5G Network

They have a proven track record within the telecommunication industry for highly reliable and secure gigabit networking for fixed and mobile 5G networks.

Keysight Logo

Drive Test Tool

Nemo Outdoor & Nemo Handy supports all leading Mobile brand & chipset. Nemo Analyzer is a highly efficient & fully scalable analysis tool for benchmarking, automated troubleshooting, and statistical reporting based on drive test data.

Goldpower Logo

SMPS Solution

The power system produced by Goldpower comes with high efficiency, high reliability, extra low electromagnetic interference and is easy to maintain. The newly-developed standard telecom power systems are being widely used in the Base Station of GSM/CDMA, Exchange Bureau, Satellite Communication, Data Communication, Rail system, electric power system and those applications with wide range of voltage fluctuation. 

Opwill Logo

TMI Solution

OPWILL products diligently address all stages of network deployment and field service, and integrate triple play verification features across Optical Fibre, Metro Ethernet, Transport, and Wireless.Optical products offers various OTDR test solutions for meeting different customers’ requirements from high performance to lost cost. OPWILL products has been sold to the Telecom Operators and Network Providers in over 30 countries.

SPX Logo

Cable & Pipe Locator

Radiodetection is a world leader in the management of critical infrastructure and utilities, providing best in class equipment and solutions, designed to prevent damage, manage assets and protect lives. Founded in 1977, Radiodetection is globally recognised for its established range of tools and digital solutions. Superior detection tools, such as Radiodetection’s, allow you to identify and trace underground infrastructure.

Consultix Logo

Spectrum Analyzer

Consultix’s next generation of ultra-portable field test equipment that is engineered for max convenience in the field without sacrificing precision and accuracy. Also, employing state-of-the-art reception techniques and combining features required for signal and interference analysis. This model is magnificently convenient and efficient for field missions as well as several lab applications.

Furukawa Logo

Fusion Splicer

Furukawa's Fusion Splicer offers powerful performance, delivering fast and reliable optical fiber splicing even under harsh environmental conditions. By combining speed, precision, durability, portability and state-of-the-art communication methods in one unit, this fusion splicing machine opens the door to an entirely new range of applications. 

Lightel Logo

Inspection Probe

It is a portable video microscope used to inspect fiber optic connector endfaces for contamination. The handheld probe design makes it easy for users to inspect both patchcords and hard-to-reach in-adapter connectors. Lightel offers a large variety of adapter tips, allowing you to view almost any connector in any location. 

Our Founder

Mr. Vinod Kumar Khetawat
“Thank you for visiting us. My team and I are proud of our heritage of both pre-sales and post-sales in the telecom industry."

Mr. Vinod Kumar Khetawat, President






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